As a public resource we have collected together Arthur Wharton-related photographs for you to view and download for non-commercial use. Please note individual crediting requirements on for reproduction beyond student projects. We may add to this gallery from time to time. Please get in touch if you wish to use an image commercially, via


In this folder you can find scans of original photographs of Arthur and other related archive images such as images of family and his death certificate. There are few known images of Arthur and we’re sad to say, some are very low quality. Thank you to Sheila Leeson and family for allowing family photos to be used in the public domain.


See snippets of the work and events undertaken with FURD over the last few years including key moments like Sheila Leeson’s trip to Ghana to meet her Ghanaian family and Arthur’s commemoration at Wembley.


Get inspired with a range of artwork made during the Arthur Wharton Heritage Project at FURD. There’s everything here from painting and sculpture to printmaking and logos.

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